Organising Private Events

Weddings. Christenings. Birthday Parties.

We plan, organise and implement unique private events, that reflect on your personality and position.

Our many years of experience, the attention we give to every detail, the highest standards and quality in our technological systems as well as our high quality services, will guarantee a perfect event organising whether it’s a simple birthday party or a spectacular wedding party.

At the same time our high aesthetics, our unique ideas, limitless fantasy and creativity allow us to organise social events that fit perfectly with the type and purpose of each event.

We, at LOUD, organise glamorous private eventsbeyond the standard norm that repay the maximum of your investment. Events that exceed your every expectation and will leave you and your guests with the greatest impressions.

Social and Private events we organise

We organise parties and receptions that follow your wishes and dreams, express your unique personality and create special memories. Below you can see the type of social and private events we undertake and how we can organise your own special event.

From a birthday party to a wedding reception, we organise all the entertainment, cover all technical support, plan and coordinate any private or social event:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Destination Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions
  • Christenings
  • Gala Dinners
  • Birthday Parties
  • Nameday Parties
  • Masquerade Parties
  • Childrens Parties for boys and girls

Destination Weddings

Planning Wedding Ceremonies & Wedding Receptions in Greece

Planning on getting married in Greece, Europe? We can plan your exquisite tailor-made destination wedding in an idyllic wedding venue in a Greek island or mainland Greece. From an intimate family wedding to a large spectacular celebration, we organise and implement wedding ceremonies and receptions that reflect your personality and make your dreams a reality.

However you imagined the most important day of your life, we will make it possible. With our many years of experience in organising wedding ceremonies and parties, we design and implement with passion, methodality and attention to detail the most original ideas for a perfectly planned destination wedding.

Our full-service wedding planning is solely emphasising on your personal style and needs and its aim is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while your wedding day feels like a proper vacation for you and your guests.

Your personal Wedding Planner, a creative, highly trained and inspired professional, will have everything under control. She will fine tune every detail to perfection and she will ensure that you will be the bride & groom you always dreamed to be.

In LOUD, we don’t just plan weddings. We create magical experiences and build lasting memories. Your guests will be asking you when you are throwing a party to renew your vows!

Are you looking for a Destination Wedding that will forever be remembered?

Wedding Venues in Greece

Greece offers you gorgeous wedding venues and locations with striking scenery that will take your breathe away. Live the experience of getting married in the evergreen Greek islands of Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos), in the Ionion Greek islands (Corfu, Zante, Kefalonia) with their venetian finesse or the spectacular island of Thassos.

Alternatively discover all about getting married in magnificent wedding venues in mainland Greece. Organise a city wedding in the cosmopolitan Thessaloniki, a magical beach wedding in Chalkidiki, or even tie the knot in a private luxury wedding villa in Olympian Riviera, in the foothills of mount Olympus together with the ancient Greek Gods.

Walk down the aisle the way that you always dreamed!

These couples trusted us with their event. You;

10 years Experience. Countless Private Events.

Do you want your Party or Reception to be unforgettable? Trust us!

Event Coordination

Planning. Organisation. Implementation.


Our sole concern is to turn your private event into an extravagant experience for you and your guests. Our many years of experience and our creativity are the privisions that allow us to create original ideas for entertaining event parties and to plan the most demanding receptions.

Let us know of your budget, the goal and the purpose of your private event and leave the rest up to us. We will present you appropriate and unique ideas that will surpass your expectations!


Once you approve our plan for your event, we will organise every aspect and detail that will make your event a sure success. Our experienced and dynamic team members together with an abundance of our outstanding and talented partners have provided us with all the necessary skills to organise any social event of any demands and specifications.

We have all the necessary means and we know of ways to achieve an effective and decisive contribution to the successful organisation of your party or reception and to fulfill all of your expectations.


Our management and contribution does not stop until the smallest detail of the planning of your private event is taken care of and implemented successfully. Our experienced and capable staff will be available to you through out the duration of the event supervising and coordinating the whole process, making sure that everything is running smoothly and is in accordance with the timeframes and specifications we have planned.

You can just sit back and enjoy your evening with your guests stress free!

What We Offer

Our high quality services are flexible, tailored to the needs and demands of each private event and above all, they reflect your wishes and personality. Simply put, we create personalised event planning proposals that make each event unique, fun and fabulous!


With many years of experience and total specialisation in the Entertainment of private events, we plan, organise and implement original ideas that will make your event unforgettable.


The appropriate music investment for your private event is undoubtful one of the most basic prerequisites for its success. At LOUD, we only work with top professionals and artists and we plan the music coverage for the entire event.

  • with professional and experienced DJ's and
  • live music from bands of all kinds

Taking into consideration your preferences and the style that you want your party or reception to have, we present you videos with musical suggestions and ideas that definitely suit all styles. From:

  • dynamic musical rhythms with experienced Saxophone soloists
  • enchanting melodies from the distinctive sound of an Harp
  • romantic sounds from multi-talented Violin soloists
  • unique performances with original Orchestral compositions

to acclaimed music ensembles of all kinds:

  • bands with Traditional greek & folk music
  • Rock & Pop bands
  • Jazz & Swing performers
  • Latin bands

The variety of choices is great, that is why at LOUD, we advise and suggest the most appropriate music band for your social event. Together, we will plan a musical proposal specifically tailored for your own event.

Dancing Performances

Impress your guests and offer them a unique spectacle with a dance performance that will make your event stand out!

Choose from:

  • professional Traditional dance groups
  • sensual Belly dancers
  • amazing Tango, Latin & Brazilian dancers
  • spectacular Aerial shows
  • impressive Juggling performances
  • amazing Free Style choreographies
  • fun Charade games

Together with you, we plan the ideal dance performance, we supervise and coordinate the whole spectacle while you, undisturbed, can enjoy the show with your guests.

The impressive choreographies, the amazing dancers and of course the ideal music will offer your guests an enjoyable experience and a night to remember. Leave the magic of the dancing take you away!

Sound Design

We plan to the smallest detail and technically implement the best sound installation for your party or reception.

We study the space that will host the event and create an acoustique plan based on the location, on the size of the venue and on the number of guests. Based on this study and according to the requirements and needs of the entire organisation, top sound technicians:

  • undertake to place small and large speakers in the right spots for perfect sound distribution and ultimate noise eradication
  • take care of the required sound and microphone installations.

At LOUD we use the latest technology and we make our priority to have a crystal clear sound and a flawless outome.

Do you want your Party or Reception to be unforgettable? Trust us!

Light Design

At LOUD we create the ideal atmosphere for your private event with the most appropriate lighting. Based on the specific needs of each venue (whether indoor or outdoor, large or small) and depending on the season and time of the event, we design and install the appropriate lighting installations by creating:

  • enchanting scenes with static or alternating Decorative Lighting with moving heads, Wash, RGB, led bars, string lights etc
  • spectacular Laser performances
  • romantic atmosphere with Dim Lighting
  • light Imprints (eg the couple's initials, your logo)
  • ideal Colored Scenery with the most appropriate combination of color and light intensity

The main lighting and all the light effects that will be implemented for your event will send out all the right messages and will create the appropriate feelings to your guests.

At LOUD we always look for new ways to convey the dynamic experience of light. We have the appropriate means and the necessary experience that allows us to create innovative lighting ideas according to the type and style of your social event.

From design to installation, our experience on light will transform your party or reception and will impress your guests!


LOUD, a pioneer in the right and proper use of top technology, fully covers all needs of projective media for your private event such as:

  • Projectors
  • sails of all sizes
  • impressive Video Walls
  • imposing Led Walls

Based on the venue of your private event, we design to the smallest detail and we undertake all the coordination of the above services. You just enjoy the show along with your guests.

Special Effects

Make your private event stand out by adding a little spark with:

  • spectacular Laser Shows
  • impressive Firework Fountains
  • inflammatory Monograms & Logos
  • enchanting atmosphere with Smoke & Dry Ice machines
  • beautiful Balloon decorations
  • colored Confetti or Rose Petal rain

At your wedding reception share a special moment with your guests by naratting your love story through animations, pictures and a fabulous laser show.

Move your guests and create to them the best impressions with special effects that stand out!

With our advice and suggestions we contribute to the successful planning of your private event!

Host Your Private Event in a Luxurious Villa

Impress your guests by organising a party or reception in a luxurious villa!

In a beautiful green 5 acres area with a breathtaking view overlooking Mount Olympus, the throne of Zeus and the crystal blue sea, we can plan and organise a successful and exquisite event, taking care of:

  • the appropriate arrangement of the venue with comfortable seating, tables, stands, etc.
  • the preparation and serving of delicious food for an ultimate gastronomic experience
  • the installation of unique lighting to create the ideal atmosphere
  • the music coverage of the event with ideal music by an experienced Dj and acclaimed music bands of all kinds
  • the organisation of an impressive dance performance by professional dancers

You and your guests will be able to enjoy tasty drinks and original cocktails by the pool and savour delicious delicacies of the highest standards, in the lovely flower-filled garden of the villa. The magnificent view of Mount Olympus and of the sea will act as the ideal canvas for an unforgettable private event.

The detailed plan, the perfect coordination and the talent of our team members allow us to guarantee the successful organisation of your party or reception. Make the difference and create the most impressive memories and experiences for you and your guests!

Luxurious Tailor-Made Services for Private Events

Delight your guests and make them feel special with personalised luxury services.

From Lear Jet and Limousine rentals to the creation of memory gifts, we can enhance your prestige by offering your distinguished guests high quality and high aesthetic luxury services.

At LOUD, in collaboration with the most respected and experienced professionals, we transform your private event into a luxurious occasion that exceeds your expectations!

We make your dream a reality!

With years of experience, flawless organisation and professionalism, we create unique memories and unforgettable experiences for your guests.

Do you want your Party or Reception to be unforgettable? Trust us!

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The high quality services LOUD Company offers due to its proficient and capable personnel, the cutting edge technology equipment and most of all the long valuable experience in the field, in conjunction with the impeccable cooperation with our clients, guarantee excellent results.

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