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Faye Economides

Event Manager. Event Planner.

Fay is the soul of LOUD. She is the person that you will speak with. She will listen to your ideas, desires and needs. With over 15 years of experience in designing, organising and producing private and corporate events, she will advise you on the desired outcome you are seeking. Fay is full of passion in what she does, with high aesthetics and always determined to design an event that will meet your goals.

She started off with the personalised design and organisation of corporate and private parties and now, having aqcuired excellent know-how and with true professionalism, has switched to integrated planning, full organisation and flawless coordination of even the most demanding event.

Faye will help you unfold your dreams, present you with lots of original ideas and be by your side in order to relieve you of any stress created by any planning. She is the person who will solve all your problems, since she has the right know-how, allowing you to relax, enjoy your event and become a calm and fabulous host. With complete dedication to what she does, she will pay attention even to the smallest detail. Faye will always find that unique idea that will make the big difference, that will create an unforgettable event and that will impress your guests in the best possible way.

Relax, enjoy your party stress free, leave everything up to us and become the fabulous host you dreamed of.

At LOUD every client-host of an event is unique, with individual desires and needs. Our goal is to offer to each host unique personalised services that create enchanting life experiences and memories that keep forever.

At LOUD we have been planning, organising and implementing with full professionalism and dedication, corporate and private events for over 10 years. From a romantic dinner for two to demanding and spectacular corporate events.

With specialisation in personalised event planning and entertainment and having all the experience, LOUD is now expanding across the whole range of event-related services. Together with the team of associates, credible and experienced people, we create and propose original ideas inspired by the "story" of each event. Our suggestions reflect your personal style and are realistic as they take into account your budget.

We can guarantee that, with dedication, respect and professionalism, we will work with you and be by your side through all stages of your event so that you and your guests can live a unique experience with high quality services.

We invest in your desires and needs and with originality and creativity, we dedicate ourselves to the flawless organisation and production of a perfect event for you

For any kind of celebration, we have the ability to plan and produce an event tailored made specifically for you!


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The high quality services LOUD Company offers due to its proficient and capable personnel, the cutting edge technology equipment and most of all the long valuable experience in the field, in conjunction with the impeccable cooperation with our clients, guarantee excellent results.

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